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Reminder: Work Party – Saturday, February 16

Dear Fellow Members,

As was announced at the Annual Meeting, we are in the midst of a major overhaul of our indoor pistol range. Components of our range are over fifty years old. This renovation is to provide membership a safe and comfortable shooting range for members and hopefully their children and grandchildren. We need your help:

Saturday, February 16th 9:00AM- Noon, Demolition Work Party, 12 volunteers needed (no special skills): We need to take down the remaining excess material from the ceiling and load that material and material already taken down into a dumpster.

Saturday Late February Early March, Trap Repair, 4-5 volunteers needed (skilled): The existing steel trap will need to be cut, realigned and rewelded into place. We need skilled volunteers with experience in steel fabrication, cutting and welding.

Please contact John Dow at if you are available to volunteer. All time spent will be eligible for worker pay hours. If you have any expertise (engineering, HVAC, electrical, welding etc.) that may assist us in this project, please contact any committee member. This is great way to show your support for shooting sports, contribute to a major capital improvement at our Club and get some worker pay hours in. Thank you.

Indoor Range Renovation Committee

  • Ralph Bibbo
  • Alan Bogosian
  • Judd Caulfield
  • John Dow
  • Kevin Fitzgerald
  • Jim Guelli
  • Sean Keenan
  • John McGarry
  • Gavin Morrisey
  • William Perry
  • Armen Young
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