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From the President – June News

Hello all ,

At Tuesday’s BOD meeting on June 4th we discussed the work being done on the indoor range and basement renovation. All the heat, A/C and duct work is complete. The next phase of the project will be to install the new ventilation and air system for the range. In addition to the range discussions, it was also brought up at the BOD meeting that one of our members donated a Billy Goat leave blower to club and it has since disappeared. I’m asking that if anyone borrowed it to please bring it back as we are going to need it to clean off the skeet range.

As of June we will be having only one dinner per month through the summer with the next scheduled for Thursday June 27. On Friday June 28 the 10th Annual Veterans Fishing & Cookout Day will be held. This has really turned into a great event for the club, there is always plenty of volunteers to help with food and fishing. The veterans are scheduled to arrive around 10:00 AM so if you can help out you should get to the club early to set up tables. You can also contact Guy Keenan to see what he needs for help. There are also several private parties scheduled for June, and another event scheduled for Monday August 5 is the MMARC cookout which we can always use help at. There will be more on this as we get closer.

Bud McGarry has offered to take over the newsletter and one will be out soon. If anybody has anything to add to it you can reach Bud at newsletter@musketaquid.comSome people are having trouble logging onto our website – the login for the website is martyworld  and the password is club31.

We have 38 members that now receive text on their cell phones for club info, events dinners etc. If you want to be included in texts, text the word alert to 22300 to activate your phone to receive the texts and then notify me that you have done so, so I can add you to the group.

Again if you can help out on Friday June 28 please come by the club. We are now half way through the year with plenty of jobs to do around the club, don’t wait till December to get your hours in and remember, any work or pay hours you do must be recorded in the book.

Lastly, I formed a committee to review our members application process and they will present recommendations at our next BOD meeting in August. We will also be holding a prospective members night in the late summer, probably on a “Pub Night” –  there will be more on this when all the plans are complete

I think we have finally turned the corner from all the wet weather we had the past few weeks and summer is on the way so come on down and enjoy our great club the fishing has been really good with some very big fish being caught.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe summer!

See you at the club!


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